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Alison & Howel at Newhampton Farm

Alison and Howel married at her parents farm in the most beautiful countryside - as you can see from this photo. Alison's family have a dairy farm and there was a bit of a cow theme going on, which was brilliant. I really didn't know you could get cow shaped decorations for the tables like these!

Table cows1.jpg

And of course the cake topper had to be cows too - how cute!

Cow topper.jpg

The start of the day was amazingly rainy, but after these storms clouds left the sun shone on the latter part of the day...


As always I was smitten with the details...


Last but not least a simple sign says it all.


To view Alison & Howel's Highlights from their wonderful day please click here - Alison & Howel

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