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Jen & John Marry at the Lovely Kingscote Barn

After filming John being a best man a year ago, he decided we were the company to capture his special day marrying Jen. It was a beautiful day and everything went smoothly, but this is no surprise as the team at Kingscote Barn are completely lovely and very professional!

Here is Jen's bouquet showing the delicate pinks she chose.

After the ceremony the clouds looked amazing in the giant views surrounding Kingscote.

Now this friend of theirs was very partial to these glasses and wore them ALL day - we think he is rocking the look!!

A little later the cake was cut and how lovely are the cake topper elephants!

I will have to show you their bottoms too - adorable!

Last but not least we couldn't let the golden hour go without a little photo session. Luckily Jen & John were more than happy to walk up to the top of the hill...

If you would like to watch the highlights of their day please click here Jen & John.

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